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Welcome!  And Thanks for choosing me because your about to experience the most awesome cut and hydration method for your Wavy, Curly or Super Tight Curls. 

There are ONLY 3 appointment options for new clients. 

Preparing for your First Appointment...

1. Please bring in 3-5 inspiration pictures that are realistic to your natural curls pattern and head shape to your appointment.  I cannot fix any chemical treated or destroyed straight ends unless your ready to cut them off.                      

2.  Please arrive with clean, detangled, curls in a wash & go style (No older then 2 days).  If your hair is wet, tangled or in a protective style we will have to reschedule. 

If you prefer your hair cut wet it is okay to come with just a leave in & detangled dry curls. 

I would still like to see how your curls falls.  If you never had your hair cut wet please refer back to steps 1 and 2.


Pull hair back with ponytails, headbands or clips of any sort.  NO butters, oils or heavy gels (ex. Shea Butter/Moisture, Blue Magic, Avocado, Coconut, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Cantu or Eco Style). 

IF YOU HAVE USED these products in the last 6 months please follow the instructions for the 30-day detox before booking an appointment.  An additional fee will be added for detangling. Why can't these butters and oils be shampooed out the day of my appointment?  Good question?  These products act like a raincoat and blocks water from your hair. If your hair is loaded with butters, and non-friendly hair products we will spend most of the appointment if not all detoxifying.  Starting this process will make a huge difference the day of your appointment.  In most cases, this is not always a one appointment fix. Doing some homework before your appointment and after will be required. To efficiently service my clients is very important to me, and will require us to work together. This will make your appointment punctual and enjoyable.





You will need a clarifying shampoo to jump start removing product build up and residue off your hair.  Please use the shampoo, condition and style once a week for 30 days before coming to see me.  

Here are the shampoos I only recommend that can be used once a week before your appointment.  

Kinky curly Knot today cleanser shampoo, Malibu Undoo Goo, Malibu Hard Water, Ouidad Water Works Clarifying or AG Hair Care Natural Balance 


Suggested Conditioner: AG Natural Boost 


Suggested Products for styling:

WASH N GO: Uncle Funky's Curly Magic 

TWIST OUT: Mousse Def Texture Foam. 

   *Wavy to loose curls: any leave in conditioner without heavy oils or          butter that you have at home until you see me.

30 DAY


CocoaLovesCurls Experience $375

Let's get to know your curls. This includes: 

A Kumbaya session with your hair.  This is a 2-3 hour boot camp session where we will discuss current and future goals.  You will receive a private lesson on how to hydrate and define your curls (also known as wash and go) and pick my brain with some questions.  I will cut/shape/trim your hair using curl by curl and grouping method, followed by a detox cleanse, condition, hydrate and define to restore it with moisture using silicone, paraben and sulfate free products.  I will help build a home care regimen until your next 3 or 4 month curl session.  

New Client Curly Cut + Hydrate and Define $280

For New clients who just want to relax while I do your hair. This appointment only allows enough time for product recommendations at the end. If you want to learn technique and have questions about your tresses please schedule the “CocoaLovesCurls Experience.” This service includes: a cut using curl by curl and/or grouping method. Followed by a detox cleanse (to remove buildup), treatment and define your curls (also known as wash and go) using silicone, paraben and sulfate free products. 

TWA $100

Let’s detach from all those relaxed ends with a fresh start and shape that crown...leaving only the new growth.  This Big Chop also known as TWA (teeny weeny afro) will help you enjoy the ease of how to care and fall in love with your hair all over again. I will detox, hydrate and define. Then end with home care maintenance and product recommendation. (CocoaLoveCurls Experience not included) 

Sparkle Free Coverage New Client (Grey coverage) $150.00 (no new clients now)

Let's retouch those grown out sparkles.  It includes color at the root (no longer than 1 inch), toner at the ends to refresh if needed.  (This service needs to be booked with cut)



I do not lighten curly hair that is not healthy or properly hydrated.  Please fill out color form to see if your ready for a transformation with me.  I will respond within 24-48 hours.

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